Supplements and HIV meds

Supplements and HIV meds

Supplements can help those of us with HIV get nutrients we need. However, there are pros and cons to their use and a few to avoid.

STOP AIDS Project: What is the link between HIV & STDs?

How can STDs increase the Risk of HIV Transmission?

Whether you're positive or negative, having an STD can increase the chances of HIV transmission.

STOP AIDS Project: Can You Tell if Someone is HIV Positive?

Can You Tell if Someone is HIV Positive?

There's not a simple answer to this question.  It's both 'yes and no.'

STOP AIDS Project: Risk of Topping a Positive Guy without a Condom

How Risky is Topping without a Condom?

This is one of the questions we get asked most frequently.  The answer is clear: it's risky.

Giving Head: Risky or Not?

This is the number one question we get here at STOP AIDS.  Here's our answer...

Isn't Everything Sexual Risky?

Risk is not something inherent to all sex acts. Different acts put us at different levels of risk for HIV transmission.

Getting Support

If you're newly-diagnosed as HIV positive, the chances are good that you're going to need some support. We encourage you to find the support you need.

Things that Decrease Your Sex Drive

Your Sex Drive

Not feeling like having sex lately? Here are some tips about how to get your groove back.