managing HIV disease 

Why Adherence Is Important

Adherence is important for short and long-term reasons.  In order to get the maximal effect of the therapy, certain levels of the drug must be maintained in the blood.  Non-adherence could allow for drug resistance, which could limit your therapeutic options later.

Understanding Your Regimen

Maintaining a good relationship with your medical provider is key to understanding your regimen, which in turn is key to staying adherent. Understanding why you're taking certain drugs often helps people remember to take them.

Tips for Adherence

Most people have challenges around staying adherent to their regimen but find ways to incorporate their meds into their schedules. Here are some practical tips that might help you stay adherent.

Keep a Stash of Meds

Do you find yourself missing doses or running out of your meds?  Here are some tips for managing your supply and staying on your schedule. 

Lifestyle and Adherence

Taking your lifestyle into consideration when you choose a therapeutic regimen is an important part of the discussion you should have with your doctor.

Keeping Adherence in Mind

One of the things to consider while choosing a therapy is how easy it will be for you to be adherent for an indefinite amount of time.

Challenges to Adherence

Taking your meds regularly can be a challenge, but finding ways to maintain adherence is worth it in the long run.