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STOP AIDS: Syphilis on the rise

Syphilis is on the Rise Again

Syphilis rates hit an all-time high in San Francisco! Get that check-up!

STOP AIDS Project: Is there HIV in Precum?

Is There HIV in Pre-Cum?

This also falls into the commonly asked question category.  The answer is: yes, there is. But what are the risks associated with it?

STOP AIDS Project: What is the link between HIV & STDs?

How can STDs increase the Risk of HIV Transmission?

Whether you're positive or negative, having an STD can increase the chances of HIV transmission.

STOP AIDS Project: Risk of Topping a Positive Guy without a Condom

How Risky is Topping without a Condom?

This is one of the questions we get asked most frequently.  The answer is clear: it's risky.

Transmen and HIV

Transmen and HIV

What are the HIV and STD risks for Transguys?

Transmen and Sex

Transmen and Sex

The Joy of Transmen's Sex

Cleaning Your Cock for Transmen FTM

Cleaning your Cock

Tips for reducing the risk of HIV/STD transmission through sex toys.

Sex, Status, and Disclosure

Talking openly about sex and HIV status is hard for everyone. Here are some tips and things to think about.

Sex and the Poz Man: A Primer

Sex and the Poz Man: A Primer

Discover how you can be HIV positive and sex positive at the same time.

Sex Condoms and Being HIV Positive

Sex with Other Poz Guys and Condom Use

Should poz guys have sex with other poz guys without condoms? Are there risks? What are they? We break it down for you.