STOP AIDS Project: Is there HIV in Precum?

Is There HIV in Pre-Cum?

This also falls into the commonly asked question category.  The answer is: yes, there is. But what are the risks associated with it?

Public Sex Cruising and Tips

Public Sex

If you’re cruising for public sex, you’re certainly not alone. Here's some important information before exploring the great outdoors in San Francisco.

Transmen and HIV

Transmen and HIV

What are the HIV and STD risks for Transguys?

Transmen and Sex

Transmen and Sex

The Joy of Transmen's Sex

Transmen's Tips on Cruising

Cruising for Transguys

Tips and things to think about when you're on the prowl.

Disclosing Being Trans

Coming out About Being Trans

Deciding to disclose your trans identity is a big decision. Here are some things to think about that may help you think about whether or not disclosing is something you want to do. 

Cleaning Your Cock for Transmen FTM

Cleaning your Cock

Tips for reducing the risk of HIV/STD transmission through sex toys.

How to Be a Trans Ally

Being a Trans Ally

How can you be the best trans ally you can be? These useful action tips help answer that question.

Frequently Asked Questions about Transgender and FTM


Educating yourself is key to being an effective trans ally. These Frequently Asked Questions and their answers can get you started.